24hrs Fermentation

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24 hours high speed high temperature fermentation machine
The fermentation way of this biotechnology high speed composting is put organic waste into the high speed fermentation machine. Add ‘ A-T enzyme combination and high temperature bacterium’ which was study by our company, and use high temperature reaction tank to eliminate the bad microorganism in the organic waste, and it increases the activity of high temperature bacterium at the same time. It is the way of organic waste becoming organic fertilizer in twenty-four hours.

The organic contain rich good microorganism. When organic fertilizer used in soil, it was commensalisms with good microorganism, can bit bad bacillus activity, increase the soil disease-resistant ability, let soil become soft, particle become strong, and have semi-long ability.

The organic fertilizer has a large nutritive value, and has significant contribution to push organic agriculture. Organic waste composting by the way of microorganism fermentation action to change the substance property which it uses microorganism action and breeding. The fermentation condition is to supply the environment for the growth of microorganism.

The environment is better, the fermentation action is more beneficial/because the reaction time is shorter, and it is answered to economic benefit and we have to think about the element of control condition.

When you operate machine, it is not only fermentation action but also eliminate lots of disease and contagion bacterium. Because the process will be heated to the temperature at 95℃and keep the condition for two hours, then keep 75℃ for twenty-two hours. It is the best effect of arrive economic benefits and eliminate bad bacterium.

High speed fermentation system
Characteristics of Fermentation System:
Closed Environment-No Secondary Pollution
Temperature, water content and pH are kept at optimum coronation in the system forced ventilation with fresh air promotes aerobic fermentation preventing smelly odor.

Sterilization with high Temperature-Critical for Public Health
As pathogen is eliminated in the high temperature fermentation, there is no concern of spreading diseases by flies or mosquitoes. The final product applied in organic agriculture could depress the growth of harmful microorganisms.

High speed Fermentation-Economical & Efficient
Organic wastes are fermented after 24 hours(could be in 18 hours), saving labor and space.

Reclamation of Resources-Environment Friendly
Organic wastes fermented by Bioway is turned into high-quality fertilizer promoting organic agriculture & healthy life.

Excellent Fertilizer Manufacturing Machine:

The A-T aerobium from Bioway Fermentation System contains rich and balanced carbon and nitrogen, which could be applied onto soil and improve the following:
  1. Restrain harmful pathogens, and keep the soil palatable year round.
  2. Activate beneficial microorganism in the soil and benefit earthworm's activity.
  3. Soften soil and balance its nutrient to prevent roots from rotten.
  4. Facilitate plant growth and add profits.

Our Technology’s collaborate market:
  1. Organic Waste Facility (Fertilizer Plant)
  2. Organic Fertilizer Distributor
  3. Life stock Farms…etc
  4. Major Resort, Hotel and Restaurant Groups
  5. Agricultural Industry and Nurseries (Flowerily, Tree Plantation)
  6. Restaurant Waste Disposal Plant
  7. Landscaper
  8. Military, School, Community, Parks etc
  9. Government Recycle and Environmental Departments
  10. Trader, International Environmental Associations, Import & Exporter etc

The processer and usage of the agriculture wastes:
All of the agriculture wastes can become organic fertilizer except heavy metal and toxic chemical wastes.

Ex: animal excreta, animal carcass, clam shell powder, scampi shell, kelp, food processing waste, kitchen waste, dregs from soybean, fresh kitchen waste, waste from fruit market, defoliation and weeds, etc.

The processer and usage of the kitchen waste:
The general kitchen waste can be divided into uncooked kitchen waste and cooked kitchen waste. Uncooked kitchen waste: Hadn't yet cooked or added with seasoning; as vegetables residue, fish residue, fruit residue; The ferment is mainly for:
Cellulose, protein, fat, and bone substance. It is equal with the processing of the wastes on the processing.

Cooked kitchen waste: With uncooked kitchen waste rather; The biggest difference between them mainly is the seasoning, especially the salt. Salt and adipose(fat) contains have to be removed first, because salt can not be resolved under the fermentation, and with high contains of adipose(fat) will effect the quality of the products as well as the asymmetry of the organic phosphorous potassium, In addition to adipose(fat), the original materials can be sold to the soap factory, then siphon the river water to flush away the salt(as the nature exhaust) and dehydrate it, then it can be treated as ordinary wastes to be handle rather..

The cooked kitchen wastes is one of the major problems with the developed countries especially in the metropolitan area, unless the Government comes up with the beneficial condition or else no one will dare to touch that section of fields, because of the higher costs, it’s more than ordinary wastes processing and also difficult to maintain the quality of the products.

A-T aerobium combines application and the effect:
  1. The A-T aerobium applies to the soil, can increase the oxygen contain which measure up to 500%, strengthen the absorption of the organic nitrogen,
  2. organic phosphorous, organic potassium 300% above.
  3. After A-T aerobium applies to the soil; the nature creation antagonist germ represses bad germ to multiply and increasing the soil land productivity.
  4. A-T aerobium applies to the soil can change the pH value, makes the soil loose and soft, the regiment grain burliness, prevent the plant root from putrefied.
  5. 4.A-T aerobium have an abundant and balance C/N value, it can promote the plant development and increases the anti-virus strength of the plant.
  6. About one to three weeks it can activate the soil for the natural rebirth of earthworm.
  7. 6.100% purely natural organic ingredient and with out any contains of chemistry ingredient.
  8. 7.The patent germ stub can bear the heat up to Celsius of 100 ℃, and have the acceleration to ferment to the organic wastes familiar

Comparison with high-speed compost system and traditional composting system
Organic waste become organic fertilizer is usually use the way of composting system. There are many problems for the way of traditional compost
  1. Spending long time for compost usually needs three to six months.
  2. Need to use big soil area, and on expensive soil was not easy to produce a lot
  3. When raining, the organic waste will flow away to pollute the soil, ground water, and odor diffuse. It usually makes secondary pollution, and easy to have arguments with neighbors.
  4. Some farmers use a easy way in composting, and they will use the fertilizer which was not completed in fermentation in soil.

The table is to make organic fertilizer compare with High-speed fermentation and nature compost:
  High Speed Fermentation Natural Compost
Fermentation time Short (18-24 hours) Long (3-6 months)
working space by the equipment tons flexible
smell no odor dirty and odors
quality steady unsteady
elemental corpse and dejection can handle difficult
eliminate bacterium ability strong, can eliminate contagion bacterium no
all obturate yes difficult
factory buildings flexible limited