About Us

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Prozyme Bio Industry Sdn Bhd (PBI) was established in year 2004, in Penang Sungai Bakap.

PBI is a fertilizer manufacturer who specialist in Environ Fertilizer.

Our product was tested and proven by the market.

In order to improve the product quality and to increase the production capacity, the company always affiliates with the oversea organization and research body for the better solution.

Besides the quality, we always emphasis to supply with the most competitive prices to the market in order to create the win win situation in agricultural industry.

Mr. Theam Teik Guan, the PBI’s Managing Director was graduated at Taiwan University in Agro-cultural and specialized in Nutriology.

With his vast experience accumulate over the years, he able to enhanced and commercialize our product is the most effective way in term of quality and the pricing as well.

Currently, PBI uses and invest in latest technology to deliver high quality fertilizer to suit the market demand.

The management strives to penetrate ideas of customer orientation throughout all facets of PBI with firm commitment and continuous dedication to the following principles:
  • Quality – Quality
  • Services – Superior customer service
  • Cost – Lowest cost possible

These simple but sincere efforts are performed to strengthen and maintain its leading position in the Agricultural industry.